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Everything is interesting. I find myself placed in the midst of a multitude of stories overlapping everyday. Being constantly self-aware since my toddler years, my most common companion has been my own thoughts, my own observations of the life and the people around me. When I was a younger boy I gravitated towards writing fiction to amuse myself and my friends with my keen wit and typically nonsensical stories, but these did not satisfy my need for self-propelled creativity. Thus, when I was introduced to my first Pentax in 9th grade, a flurry of new possibilities were thrust into my hands and my imagination. That day was just the start of a new infinite set of paths my life could take. Each day being one full of opportunities to grow in my desire to know the Creator and better understand the creation around me and everything that I encounter.

Not everything I do or make is for a greater purpose. I do not always create with deep meaning behind my work or with an expectation that it will cause a change in someone's perception. I just know that I have to create, because I believe that that is the very reason for which I was created. I am driven by the delight of capturing something beautiful simply because it exists, by the thrill of solving a visual problem in a way that no one else would have. I am a person filled with hope and idealisms in a place where that doesn't always make sense. I live my life in the same way that I play games: as if I had already won. What comes of that is always often a surprise, but each new day is a chance for me to see and capture the world around me in new a new light. Yes, my environment has the power to shape me, but I have been given an even greater power to shape my environment.